Join our campaign!!  #poutforpuppies #seethemsuckling 

Post your pouting selfie of you and your dog (as long as they are comfortable with that!) to social media, copy and paste the text below and then challenge at least 3 friends to do the same!

“I support #poutforpuppies! If you want to buy a puppy, you MUST #seethemsuckling! Find out more at http://www.seethemsuckling.com”

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Let’s spread this message far and wide; if you want to buy a puppy you must See Them Suckling!!!

See them suckling, oscar #
You don’t have to be good at taking selfies!  Just do it for the dogs!!

Our Aims

  • To increase public awareness through campaigning that buyers should see a litter young enough that they are still dependent on the mother
  • To ensure prospective puppy buyers visit the litter at least once before they make a purchase.
  • To raise awareness in the veterinary profession, so they are giving this advice to their clients.
  • To make outlets advertising puppies for sale to ensure this advice is displayed prominently.

Every day thousands of puppy farmed puppies are sold across the country to the unsuspecting public.  They are bred in appalling conditions, removed from their mothers far too early, transported hundreds of miles, often from outside the UK, and then passed off as ‘home-bred’ by being shown to prospective owners in home environments.

This despicable trade leaves a trail of death and heartbreak while the dealers rake in thousands of pounds every week.

This HAS to stop and following one simple rule when buying a puppy will do this;

Simply – see them suckling!

Seeing a puppy, with it’s mother, while it is still young enough to be feeding from her will ensure you are not being sold a puppy farm bred animal and that the breeder is genuine.

Please, join our campaign and spread the word! #seethemsuckling!