The ‘See them Suckling’ campaign is run by Cat Henstridge, a small animal vet from Sheffield and Companion Dog World Magazine.

They realised that despite their best efforts to find a responsibly bred puppy, many people were still being fooled by puppy farmers and traders passing off their wares as home-bred by selling them from family  environments.

By creating a new and simple piece of advice, to see the puppy suckling from the dam before purchase, many of these unscrupulous people can be stopped in their tracks.  The buyer can see the true mother of the pups, they can see the environment where they are living and they can’t make an impulse purchase because the dog will be too young to take home.

Please join our campaign! Pout for the puppies!!  Post a pouting selfie with your dog (as long as they are comfortable with that!) to social media, use our hashtags; #seethemsuckling, #poutforpuppies and tag all your friends to do the same!

Also, please join our Facebook page and Twitter feed!!

Contact Cat via the Facebook page or her email; cathenstridge@hotmail.com

You can also follow her work as a veterinarian on her Cat The Vet Facebook page.

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