Finding a puppy

Are you thinking of buying a puppy?  It is a big decision and one which is fraught with difficulty!  It can be a challenge to find a reputable and caring breeder but it is worth doing to ensure you buy a dog which will be a happy, healthy and well adjusted member of your family.

Here are links to some great websites and blogs of advice;

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The Kennel Club isn’t perfect but if you want a pedigree puppy, their website is a sensible place to start for advice and to find information about registered breeders with litters available.  However, the rules still apply!  Visit the breeder in their home and make sure you see the puppies suckling!

dogs trust

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Don’t forget that plenty of charities will have puppies and young dogs available!  They also know exactly what they are doing with respect to the health care and socialising of their puppies, meaning they will have had the best start in life possible.

Speak to your local vets.  They may well have breeders on their books who they know and trust.


Cat is the vet behind this website and she writes regularly on her blog about buying pets and what to consider.  Give it a look!