On this page we have collected pictures, graphics and links that relate to the practice of puppy farming and demonstrate how to responsibly buy a puppy.  They are ideal to share on your websites and social media channels.

*Please note – we don’t own the copyright to any of these images or links – they are freely available on the internet.*


This press release from the RSPCA covers how puppy imports from EU countries rose by 75% in 2015.  The figures listed the bottom of the report are remarkable and would make a really hard hitting status update.

This page from the Kennel Club is their ‘mission statement’ against puppy farming.  The key statistics at the top are particularly interesting and easy to understand.

RSPCA ‘Scrap the Puppy Trade’ campaign

This is a great petition to share and encourage people to sign.

RSPCA ‘Sold a Pup’ report



An article from the Huffington Post written by the Blue Cross about how to control and regulate on-line puppy sales.

An article from an anti-puppy farm campaigner detailing what happens to the left-over puppies and worn out adult dogs chucked out of the puppy farms.


Puppy imports graph, rspca

This graph was drawn up by the RSPCA, showing how puppy imports from the EU have grown since the government changed the PETS (Pet Travel Scheme)  requirements in 2012, from a 6 month wait and a blood test after a rabies vaccination, to just a 21 day wait and no blood testing.

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